Microsoft 365 Activation Solution

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that includes the Office 2019 desktop applications (which include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) as well as the Office Online web applications. Learn how to register for the service and set up the apps on your PC in this post. The following instructions in this article will apply to Microsoft 365 Home on Windows 10 devices.

Purchase a Microsoft 365 for Home Subscription

Office 365 provides subscribers with the option to choose the version of Office they want, and it requires them to provide payment information in order to proceed.

  1. Open a web browser and visit
  1. Click ‘Sign in to your Microsoft account’ in the ‘Sign In’ screen.
  1. The Office site opens once you sign in where you can use the Office Online programmes and manage your Office subscription.
  2. Next, go ahead and select ‘Buy Office’.
  1. If you want to pay an annual subscription cost, select ‘Buy now, for the Office subscription you desire. Or, choose to pay a monthly membership charge for Rs. 619.
  1. Click on ‘Checkout’ to see the cart information.
  1. Choose a payment method. Choose either a credit card or debit card, PayPal, or bank account.
  1. The final step is to enter the payment details.
  2. Go ahead and select “Save.”
  3. Place an order.
  4. You will receive an email receipt of your transaction.

How to Install Microsoft 365 for Home

After Purchasing Microsoft 365, Install Office on your device.


  1. Use the computer where you want to install Office.
  1. To access the Microsoft 365 portal, log in to your Microsoft account in the Microsoft 365 portal page.
  1. Select ‘Install Office’.
  1. Go to the Microsoft 365 Home webpage and click “Install Office.”
  1. To download and install Microsoft 365 Home, choose ‘Install’ from the Home screen.
  1. When using a different web browser, you can see a window asking you to either ‘Run’ or ‘Save’ the downloaded file. Select the “Run” option.
  1. At the beginning of the process, Office prepares the necessary items and then installs the Office programmes.
  1. Office may request you to submit an email or phone number when it finishes installing to send you a link to download the Office mobile apps.


Activation Microsoft 365 for Home

Activate your Office 365 subscription after the installation has completed.

To activate Office, do the following:

  1. Open any one of the Office applications, such as Word.
  1. Simply submit your email address and your password.
  1. Once you have accepted the licencing agreement, go ahead to Select “Accept” option.
  1. Office app starts and lets you begin working with new Office documents and spreadsheets.

Install Microsoft 365 on Another Device

You can install your Office subscription on upto 6 different devices.

You must connect in to your Microsoft account to install Office on another PC and choose the ‘Install Office’ option on the Office gateway page.

If you wish to install Office on a mobile device, connect the mobile device to the mobile data network or a Wi-Fi hotspot where you’ll be able to install Office. After that, you may get the programmes from either Google Play, the Apple App Store, or the Windows Store.

Share Your Microsoft 365 Home Subscription with Others

You can also use Microsoft 365 with other members of your household. With a Microsoft 365 Family subscription, you may share it with five others.

When you share a Microsoft 365 subscription, each person has access to:

Applications: The current version of the Office applications for PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones.

Cloud storage: OneDrive users get 1 TB of storage for free per person, that’s total 6 TB storage.

Skype calls: Call mobile and landline phone. Allow them to last up to 60 minutes each month.

Outlook email: Outlook Email storage is 50 GB.

To share Microsoft 365 Home Subscription

  1. Go to the sign-in page for Microsoft 365 and use the account you set up the product with.
  2. Select the ‘Install Office’ option on the Office portal page.
  3. After that, Select the Sharing Tab.
  4. Choose to begin sharing.
  5. Select a network on the Share Office window, and then choose one of the following:

Invite people through email: Lets the recipient send a link to a recipient in an email message.

Invite via Link: You can copy the link and send it to someone via email, text message, or another method.

  1. The link will be given to your family member, which will use by them to install Office on their PC.

Explore the Different Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

There are various subscription levels for Microsoft 365 provided by Microsoft. Home users can use these 3 versions:

  1. Microsoft 365 Family: This subscription can be shared by up to six users. It is possible for every user to install the Office apps on all their devices, and they will each have 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage as part of that installation.


  1. Microsoft 365 Personal: While you can install Office apps on all your devices with this subscription, it is billed as a single user subscription. The first 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage is now available to you.
  1. Office Home & Student 2019: The 2019 Office Home & Student edition is available as a one-time purchase that includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. To install the Office apps, you are only permitted to have one instance of Office on a PC or Mac, and there is no additional OneDrive cloud storage space.

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